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Problem with new loading page (maybe with the index.html file)

I have created a project that runs perfectly both online and offline yesterday. This morning I have updated my psychopy from 2020.2.10 to 2021.2.0 using StandalonePsychopy installer. Then I changed one instruction image and synced it with the new version psychopy.Then the loading page changed.

The previous loading page:

The loading page now:

There is no progress bar on the new loading page, and I can click the ok button at any time, which can only be pressed when all resources are fully downloaded in the old page.
But when I click the ok button, an error image would pop out:

I’m thinking it might because of the index.html file generated by the new version Psychopy is different.

The old index.html file:

The new index.html file:

Since I have no idea how to fix it and I have several scheduled participants this week, I uninstalled the new version and installed the previous version. It works fine now after I export to html and sync again.

But I hope someone could tell me how to make it work with the new version because I cannot stick to the old version all the time.


I’ve got two pieces of advice that are hopefully useful:

  1. I wouldn’t change PsychoPy/PsychoJS in a running experiment. There could be some subtle differences that might affect your data.
  2. In newer versions of PsychoPy, exporting HTML works a bit differenty. TLDR, try this :slight_smile:
    • Make a new folder, but your experiment in there
    • In Settings → Online, make “output path” empty
    • Sync to a new project on Pavlovia

Cheers Thomas