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Pavlovia not loading js for online experiment

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

Experiment won’t load because the js script is not being imported into sources.

As you can see, only the index is being loaded. I’ve double checked to make sure that the names of the experiment are consistent across all files. I’ve also deleted the repository for the experiment and created a new one.

The js file is in the repository. But, it is not being loaded. Any idea of other things to do?


Hi @unagi_pie, looking at the JS files it looks like you have compiled the HTML using PsychoPy version 1.90.2. If you check your experiment settings, what version is being used? This will also apply to your other post.


Thanks again. This was resolved by resetting the version selected in the experimental settings.


I just noticed something a little odd. I was just updating the experimental settings for another experiment when I saw that the selected ‘version’ for the experiment had automatically been set to latest. I’m positive it had been set to 3.1.3 before I had closed PsychoPy and then opened it again to make another change to the experiment. I noticed this output in python:

Hello from the pygame community.
4.7991 WARNING duplicate variable names: type, stim, code, target
8.3818 WARNING ‘3.1.3’ was given as parameter ‘Use version’ but it isn’t in the list of allowed values [‘latest’, ‘1.90’, ‘’, ‘1.90.2’, ‘1.90.1’, ‘1.90.0’]. Reverting to use ‘latest’ for this Component

I’m not sure why this happened. When I went to select 3.1.3, it wasn’t there. So, I selected the BLANK option. After doing that, all of the latest version reappeared and I noticed that 3.1.4 was also available. I’m pretty sure this minor glitch is what caused the above issue in the first place.

I think it is related to an issue checking the GitHub versions repository. Use version menu is filled by querying GitHub versions repository for available versions, so its possible there was a delay or failure in retrieving that information resulting in a failure for that information to be available when the Experiment Settings dlg was opened. For example, I can recreate this error if I have saved a version of my experiment to use 3.1.4, and then open it when my wifi is disconnected. If you leave version as blank, the current version installed will be used.

That must be it. I was doing a little work on an experiment in a place without wifi. That must have done it. Good to know.