File Load Error

URL: Exp50_Order2 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I keep getting a File Load Error. I’ve looked at all the other available questions/answers and just can’t figure it out. I can see the files on Pavlovia when I view the code but to no avail. I’ve tried numerous of the suggestions:

  • I’ve double checked that the file names match (all are lowercase png files).
  • I’ve tried to create a new project and put the images in there and sync with Pavlovia and am still having issues.
  • I’ve cleared my cache (using Chrome).
  • I can’t run it in incognito mode like other have suggested (still get the error).
  • I tried running on Safari, same error message.

Unfortunately, I’m not too savvy with coding (I used Builder) so I’m wondering if I’m missing something simple.

Your experiment URL contains /html

Thank you.

Can you help me understand what that means and what I need to do to fix it? I see that it’s at the end of the URL but am unsure how to get rid of it.

I tried to copy the URL and run it without the /html at the end but it’s stuck on “initialising the experiment” and I’m not sure how I would get rid of it for running participants.

Here are a few posts where I explain the issue in different ways.

Thank you for these! I checked and there was nothing in my output path (no html). I recreated the project locally and synched with Pavlovia. Now I’m getting an error message for my .wav files (but the original issue seems to be solved). I’ve looked into this issue as well and am stuck at this point. I’ve tried to convert the files to .mp3 as was suggested in one post, which doesn’t run on PsychoPy and also isn’t working on Pavlovia (getting the same error message). I tried to load these files into Additional Resources but that didn’t help either.

URL: Exp50_Order2 [PsychoPy]

Please could you post your new error message? Since your experiment is piloting I can’t run it myself.

I set it to run now, if that helps.

Here’s the error message:

Sorry – no credit. Set it not to save incomplete data so you don’t waste credits.

Done. Sorry!

I’m not sure why it didn’t assign before. It looks like it went through now.

Try adding new sound components to the instructions to demonstrate the two sounds with the names of the files hard coded. That might encourage Pavlovia to download the wav files and would confirm that the issue is one of downloading – which should be solvable by adding them as additional resources, but you said you’d tried that.

I tried to use new wav files. They worked in PsychoPy but not Pavlovia (error message again). When I tried to add just the wav files as additional resources it didn’t work. I recreated the feedback component of the instructions and that didn’t help.

What finally worked was to create the project in a new local folder and add ALL of the files as additional resources (just the wav files didn’t work again). Now it runs fine.

Thank you for all of your help!