Problem with loading resources font otf file on pavlovia

URL of experiment: Symbols_unknown [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I have a task that using the BACS1.otf font. Unless the font is locally installed the otf file doesn’t seem to load in as a part of the resources int he html/resource folder. So the experiment works as expected on my computer, via pavlovia, where the font is locally installed but doesn’t work on another computer, where the font is not installed. Any help will be great.

@thomas_pronk @wakecarter - any pointers?? I also tried to manually load resources as part of psychoJs.start but doesn’t work.

Custom fonts don’t yet work out-of-the-box with PsychoJS; sorry. I once built a prototype that uses some black magic to achieve it, but not it’s not stable across platforms. I share below for educational purposes: Thomas Pronk / demo_font · GitLab

Google fonts should work, at least on Chrome.

Thanks @thomas_pronk and @wakecarter - I am wondering if there is a way to modify the css in the index.html to do with custom fonts. For my experiment using the BASC1.otf is very important so all the letter like properties and the visual aspects are retained. It will be great if you can suggest any work around to this issue.

I guess that could be done; you can just edit an index.html file and sync it with Pavlovia, for example. However, I’m not sure how consistent it would be across browsers. That would require some extensive testing.

In my own experiments, fonts aren’t critical, but still I wanted complete control over presentation. I achieved this by doing the layout in Photoshop, exporting that to PNGs, and only use PNGs in the experiment.

Finally, I heard that the team is working on custom fonts online, but it could take a while for that to be realized. If you’re not in a hurry, keep an eye out for future updates.

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