Custom Font Download Error in Pavlovia

URL of experiment:
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Description of the problem:
Trying to download custom font files as resources from the online directory and I encounter errors. This is specifically a resource download problem. Font files are both in local and online directories. Psychopy version is 2022.1.2, running on windows 10, used four different browsers (chrome, edge, opera, firefox); error persists. Are there workarounds?

Error occurs for both scenarios below:

  1. I add resources within Experiment Settings>Online>Additional Resources
  2. I write a code for downloading the font file manually.
    code for download: psychoJS._serverManager.prepareResources([{name:‘LexendRegular.ttf’,path:‘fonts/LexendRegular.ttf’}])

Error message change if:
• I use the PC with local files → error message: “unable to download resource: LexendRegular.ttf: NetworkError: A network error occurred.”
• I use a PC without the local files → error message: “unable to download resource: LexendRegular.ttf: SyntaxError: An invalid or illegal string was specified”

Interestingly, font files are downloaded without a problem in the following project (that I forked into my own git) which was discussed in an earlier post (Custom Fonts are not working on Pavlovia). The only important difference seems to be the version (2020.2).

I would appreciate it if someone could point to a workaround.

Thanks in advance.