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Problem with Bangla script display

OS: Win7
PsychoPy version: 3.0
Hello, I am using psychopy for an experiment using Bangla script in my excel file, I’ve no knowledge of python so i have no idea the issue that’s arising when i try to run it. I cannot understand what i have to do for the experiment to run smoothly, i’m putting up the picture of the error when the experiment reaches the first trial loop and iterates.

Hello, welcome along.

  1. Could you try using a plain .csv file instead of a .xlsx file?
  2. If that doesn’t help, could you post a small example of your conditions file here (with just a couple of lines of text) and a screenshot of the settings in your text stimulus component?

Than you for replying to my queries, I tried with .csv file but my script turns into “???” and psychopy tells me its a bad condition file when i try to import it.
I’m attaching the xlsx file and screenshot of the TextStim of “trials”

conditions.xlsx (9.7 KB)