Does anybody know why my conditions file is not recognised by PsychoPy

Hi I’m using a Win 10 PC with PsychoPy version 2021.1.2

I have a project folder with my conditions excel file on the same level as my experiment. The experiment keeps failing when I run it. I am using an excel file and am referencing the column I want to take text from using $cue. I get a message that cue is undefined. Can anyone shed some light on why my excel file isn’t recognised.

Is the text component with the $cue inside set to update every repeat?

Hi thanks for answering. I am trying to present pics not text. Don’t know if this is relevant. It wasn’t set to every repeat. I changed it to set every repeat. Now the error says permission denied ‘Book1.xlsx’

Could you post the exact error screen? (mainly for other to see) I have no idea about what the issue could be, I did a quick googling and maybe the excel file is under some sort of restriction? (e.g. read only)

Thank you for answering Tandy. I just learned that the excel file must be closed or it will send a permission error.