Audio timing after update, experiment not running


I recently updated PsychoPy and am now running into issues in my experiment. It used to work fine before the update, which I wanted to update to fix the output messages about timing. Now I run into issues, I think caused by the audio timing (possibly also related to non-audio components).

The experiment shows 3 images, normally accompanied by ‘pop’ sounds, and then freezes. I have to hit esc to exit the experiment. I get the following warnings:

WARNING:root:DEPRECATED: Clock.add() is deprecated in favor of .addTime() due to the counterintuitive design (it added time to the baseline, which reduced the values returned from getTime()

PsychPortAudio-WARNING: 'Start' method on audiodevice 13 called, although playback on device not yet completely stopped. Will forcefully restart with possible audible artifacts or timing glitches. Check your playback timing or use the 'Stop' function properly!

Because I cannot see where I should be getting timing information at this point, I don’t know how I should attempt to fix this. I would appreciate any insight!

My experiment can be found here: GitHub - baharsener/EyeTracking_PictureGame: Memory task

Thank you!