Problem Synching After Inserting Text Stimuli

Description of the problem:
Every time after adding a text stimulus and clicking to sync on Pavolvia, Psychopy seems to do all operations to sync but in reality when I run on Pavlovia I see the old script running.

THe only strangeness is the following.
Each time I make a chage and then Sync, Psychopy tells me that 3 files have been edited.
Each time I add a text stimulus, Psychopy tells me that only 1 file has been edited.

Anyone else with this issue?
RUnning on macsur sith 2020.2.10

Same problem after adding rating scales.

One file edited means that the JavaScript has not changed.

Rating scales are not supported online. You need to use sliders instead.

What type of text stimulus are you adding? Please show a screen shot of the component. If it’s blank, you need to add a space to it.

Here the issue I am experiencing.

I found the solution.
Setting “Using Psychopy version” to blank " " solves the issue.

This idea came after reading this: