Problem Running Online With Microsoft Edge

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Whenever I try to run/pilot my experiment using Microsoft Edge, I get an error that says TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘escape’ This doesn’t happen on Chrome, but I haven’t tested it on any other browsers. I’ve been told to disable the escape key exit setting in PsychoPy and a few people have told me to update Edge or update Psychopy, all of which I have done tried, but the problem is still happening. I want to make sure participants aren’t restricted to just one or a few browsers. Could anyone help me or provide a link to somewhere this has been discussed/resolved?

Thank you!


I encounter the same problem.


Suggestions welcome

Cheers Jens

I have also encountered this and created an issue for the underlying problem:

It should work with the new Microsoft Edge, if you can upgrade.

Otherwise if you need a quick solution you could manually add the polyfill script from in your index.html