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JsPsych plugin fails/crashes in Edge Browser

I am using Pavlovia 3.1.0 plugin for jsPsych (not PsychoJS), and it fails on the stable version of Microsoft Edge v44. It prevents my experiment from even starting. As such I had to redirect users to an error page to tell them to try another browser… I understand if users with old IE have to be screened out, but Edge should be supported, no?

Also, there seems to be very little documentation about the Pavlovia plugin for jsPsych. For instance the official docs still mention and direct users to plugin 3.0.0, although there is a plugin 3.1.0 that has been recommended here in the discourse. I also found a plugin 3.2.0? (, but I am not sure as the version in the code is 3.0.6…

It would be very useful to have a page where the latest releases of the Pavlovia jsPsych plugin are clearly listed (e.g., as in GitHub releases), to avoid confusion. Or at least mention them in the documentation page:

Thank you for your attention.

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