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Problem getting experiment to close

I have an experiment written in builder with a few small pieces of code. The experiment is running ok and stores the output but it does not close the experiment.
I am also getting an error saying my images need resized so not sure if these are linked.
Can anybody help?


did you make sure that the last routine of your experiment does not contain any “infinite elements”.
That could be a picture or text where you have not activated any condition to end its presentation (usually either a button press or a time). In the builder view it would be represented as an infinite streak going of to the right of the screen.
If all else fails you can put a code-block at the end of the routine and write “core.quit()” in it.
That should however not be necessary if everything else is done correctly and might screw with your data saving or logging.

Regarding the problem with the image I cannot help you.
But maybe providing some more information could help others help you.
Are you just displaying the images or are you doing anything fancy with them?