Experiment Quits with no error messages

Hello all,

I am having some issues with my experiment quitting, and I am not sure why as it seems to be random. The last time I used it, it ran, and I saved it and closed it. The next day when I opened it, it quit before going into a routine. I have a version of it saved online on a site called Box, and when I download it from there it seems to work just fine, but when I save it to my own laptop and open it, it will quit in the place I mentioned earlier. There aren’t any error messages, so I’m not exactly sure what is going on. I was considering deleting Builder and redownloading it, but I’m not sure if that would do anything to fix the issue.

Any help with this would be appreciated, thank you!

Hi There,

what version of psychopy are you running? there was a bug in 2020.2.4 which limited error messages being displayed in some circumstances, this was fixed in v 2020.2.5 and might allow you to get an error message.


Hi Becca,

I think I have 2020.2.4 - should I re-download Builder with v. 2020.2.5?

I would recommend yes to get an error message (which will help us debug!) :slight_smile: