Builder experiments randomly stop working

I have 5 experiments that I created using the builder. I put the 5 experiments on 10 different laptops so my research assistants can run the programs with participants remotely. However, we keep running into an issue where the programs will work for several weeks without issue, and then suddenly some of them will stop working. They just won’t run and do not give an error message. The black box opens then closes out seconds later. We have had to cancel many participants because we can’t run the experiment, which is a huge problem for us because we are working with a population that’s really difficult to schedule appointments for. Any ideas on why this might be happening? We use various types of laptops, all running on Windows. I’m not sure why the program would run one day and not the next.

I saw a similar thing occur (an experiment crashing without an error message) because of the CPU usage. There wasn’t enough CPU utilization to run the experiment. It might not be the issue here, but worth taking a look.