Experiments failing to run in Builder

Hi everyone

I have just downloaded Psychopy20 and built my first drag and drop. The problem is that is doesn’t seem to start. The screen goes grey and then the window closes.

No data file is produced.

I have been hunting around all day for why, does anyone have any ideas?

Hi @MissVindy, this can happen for a variety of reasons (eg. Something isn’t set to Set Every Repeat when it should, you’re referring to a variable that isn’t defined, etc.).
Do you get any messages in the Runner when it closes? Did it run at an earlier point, and some changes you made caused this behavior?
If not, it would be helpful to provide a link to the project so folks can get a better idea of what the problem is

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I changed the settings to every repeat and I am getting somewhere now because it is running and giving me error codes that I can pick through!! Thank you. I knew it would be something silly.