Printing to stdout console


Is there a way to print simply to stdout on the console. I am not sure why this simple functionality is not working. I also tried using the logger, but that didn’t print either to the log. I read some posts saying that this is associated with .psyexp but I don’t quite follow why that would be so.


OS : mac sierra
PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.84.x): 2020
Standard Standalone? (y/n) No , built from scratch

Hello, there were some issues with stdout recently, which should have been fixed in release 2020.2.5

Are you using that latest version?

I can report that I still get the same issue with error messages not being sent to the Coder window’s stdout feed on 2020.2.5, unfortunately. This happens on Mac OS v10.14.6, whenever I’ve opened a .psyexp file by double-clicking it, causing PsychoPy to launch and open up the file. Just like with the previous version, the PsychoPy windows aren’t shown right away either - after double-clicking the file, I have to also click PsychoPy’s dock (the bar at the bottom of the screen on Mac OS) icon for it to start up properly. It doesn’t seem to matter for how long I wait, PsychoPy’s windows don’t show up if I don’t click the Dock icon.

(many other issues seem to have been fixed with the latest release though, thanks for that :slight_smile: )

I am at 2020.2.3.

I have built my version from scratch instead of the provided standalone. Can i merge against a git release version?

I think stdout now goes to the Runner window rather than Coder?

You can checkout a specific tagged release, as per here:

The latest tagged release is this one:

i.e. first do this:

git fetch --all --tags


git checkout tags/2020.2.5

If you plan on making any changes to the PsychoPy source code, you might want to make a new branch as well.

Whoops, yes, Runner window is what I meant of course. All I get is the “Running experiment” message in Stdout, then nothing, when launching psychopy by double-clicking a .psyexp file. If I open PsychoPy “directlly”, then use its own file browser (“open file…” icon) to navigate to an experiment file and run, the stdout output is as expected.

Super, thanks!

git checkout tags/2020.2.5

error: pathspec ‘tags/2020.2.5’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

I am not sure this is checked into the repo yet.