Postpone the saving of videos (using camera component)

URL of experiment: LAFIG_MathPilotWebcam [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
In my experiment, in each trial I have four phases: Calculation (participant performs mental arithmetic), Get Feedback (participant swipes a button to collect feedback), After Feedback (participant sees feedback on screen and should swipe a button to move on), Repeat (participant should decide whether to repeat information about a strategy they can use). At the moment, these are contained within separate Routines within one trial. During each of the last three phases, I want to record from the webcam (using the Camera component). (I also want to run the face api to record facial expression ratings, but that is not the issue here).
My issue - when running online, there is a delay and a message “Please wait a few moments while the video is uploading to the server” that somewhat interrupts the flow of the trial.
My question - can I edit the code somehow so that all three videos are uploaded to the server at the end of the trial? Or do I need to restructure my experiment so that these phases occur within one Routine?
Thanks for any help you can offer!