Experiment online skips trials

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem: I built an experiment in PsychoPy builder and then uploaded it to Pavlovia. However, the online versions skips many of the trials and do not show many of the components - e.g. everything runs clear until Practice round, then it usually skips the trial.

I tried to add waiting component because I thought there might be problem with loading the stimuli, but it solved the problem in very unsatisfying way - sometimes it shows 1 stimuli and then goes to another block (although it is coded so that 30 stimuli are shown and after that it should go to another block).

If you compare online and offline version, there is also problem with other things. I guess there might be problem with JS? But I am not advanced in that so pleaaaase, if anyone can help, I would be very gratefull!
Thank you

Does the trial end on a mouse press? I sometimes get this because later trials start before the mouse button has been released.

The trial itself ends after a rating being made on a slider (obligatory condition through code comp.) and then button comp is pressed. There are some routines that have within button component checked the box “force the end of the trial”. I am not sure how that works. I attached the experiment in the first post so you can check how the builder looks like and see if the problem is in the feature you say. I am not sure tbh. Thanks!

That’s not the only problem tho. It seems like ignoring all the code components? Like for example the obligatory condition to rate on the slider before being able to continue with next stimuli, or chosing random 30 items from stimuli and then continue to another block (myCount)…

I solved it by inserting blank routine for 0.2 s to the loop after trial. Seems like it just needed some time :slight_smile: The code component for making rating scale obligatory still doesn’t seem to work tho.