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Please help solving unknown source error!

URL of experiment: experiment_1 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: Unknown source error

Please see my attached error image and below is my code.

I am stuck in repetitive unknown source error. please help solving this problem.
The error occurs once stimuli are presented. When instruction pages appear, the error didn’t come up.
Please let me know the solution, if you have solved this problem.

Where does the variable BaseImage come from?

It looks like you are missing a file extension i.e. “stimuli/perpetrator/rcic_base_1_00262_ori” should probably have a .png or .jpg on the end?

Hope this helps,

They are PNG file which are produced by R. Ori is just a name for file.

if they are .PNG files make sure to refer to the full filename including the extension .PNG