Unknown Resource Error Pilot Test

URL of experiment: PrisonersdilemmaToneRillingFullJava [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: Hello everyone. I am trying to start a pilot run for my experiment but when I launch the experiment I can only progress through the text-based slides. When I reach a point in which a visual stimulus must be pulled from the resources folder I receive this message.

Screenshot_2020-05-15 PrisonersdilemmaToneRillingFull PsychoPy

I’m not sure what is causing this error. Thank you for any help.

It cannot find the image for Decision_Screen1.

Yes I understand. The image is in the resources folder and I also have a conditions file with the jpg names inserted so I’m not sure why it can’t find the image.

I’m having the same issue!
Were you able to resolve it? Desperate for a solution!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please could you show your code or a screenshot of the component that is giving the error and confirm that the file is in the html/resources folder?

I just shared my experiment with you as a guest (not sure if that was what I needed to do) sorry I’m still learning!

This is what was coming up.

Your help would be appreciated!

At guest level I seem to be able to pilot the experiment.

To start with there’s a face then a rating scale – for which I have to press space after selecting. After the three practice trials I’m not seeing any faces, just the rating scale.

Are you only getting an error for that particular image, as opposed to all of the others? I’m unable to confirm (or deny) it’s existence.

Yes, I used a code I believe you gave to someone else on a previous occasion and it helped me with my trial images however once the experiment reaches the point where it requires the excel spread sheet it doesn’t upload the images…
The warning sign is gone however I’m now unsure whether theres a way to fix this so that pavlovia reads the images on the excel sheet.

If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear!
Thank you for your responses so far :slight_smile:

Without an error message it’s difficult to debug by proxy.

However, the most likely options might be that the image is being presented but either off the screen, too small or with zero opacity. Please could you show a screenshot of the image component.

Images that were

Okay, so this is a section from my excel spreadsheet of the image components - the size and position are set in pix.
And I attached the image properties done in the builder of psychopy.

All the images work perfectly fine when I run it through psychopy and don’t go off screen, which is why I’m confused by what could be affecting it for pavlovia.

From my crib sheet

Use an array for locations
Use separate variables for x and y coordinates, e.g. $(x,y)

Hi wakecarter,


This is what the code looks for the original post. I’m assuming the error would occur for any visual stimuli that I would set as the first image to be shown to the participant. The image files are in fact in the html/resources folder and all jpg names are located in an excel file that is also in the resources folder.

If you look at the other error message on this thread, you’ll see .jpg in the “when getting the value of…” part. In your case it just says D. Shouldn’t it be trying to set the image as D.jpg (or whatever)?

Yes exactly, but for some reason it does not read the whole name of the jpg image from the excel file.

These are the jpgs in Gitlab

And here is the excel file:


As you can see in the excel file, DecisionPsychoPy.jpg is the first image that should be pulled from the excel file, but I think it just stops at D and stops reading the file.

Are you specifying PhaseContingency[0] ? That would be the first character of the file name.

No, how would I do that? I didn’t think that PhaseContigency needed to be altered in anyway since it only acts as the header, or “organizing parameter” for the jpg files when being accessed by PsychoPy.

Please could you show a screenshot of how you are using the variable?

You can see here the name of this component is Decision_Screen1. The component is then assigned an image based on the row I have selected from the PhaseContigency parameter.


You can see in this second image of the loop the component is inserted in, I have the loop selecting row 0, which when ran on my home desktop selects the DecisionPsychoPy.jpg as the first image in the list. PhaseContingency only factors in as the heading for the list that must be specified anytime I want to pull an image from the excel file.

Try removing the 0 from selected rows to see if that’s the issue.

When 0 is removed a random image from the excel file list is selected wit each loop iteration because a specific row hasn’t been specified.