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Pilot Token error / Status of experiment changed from RUN to PILOT automatically

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

More of a question. When I try to run this experiment from psychopy3 directly, I get this pilot token error (below). However, when I pilot it directly from pavlovia, there is no problem. I’m curious as to why this might happen.I’m sure it has something to do with this pilot token that is generated as part of the URL (above).

The actual problem is that although I continually change the status of the experiment to RUN it is set back to PILOTING. This causes issues accessing the link. I’m not sure why that might be happening. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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Hello @unagi_pie,

I have just fixed the issue with the status changing when you update the experiment from PsychoPy: this had to do with my not having retrofitted legacy code following the recent major server update. I hope it did not cause you too much trouble.

As for the error message regarding the missing pilot token, this is expected behaviour: when you press the pilot button on the experiment page, generates a time-limited pilot token, which PILOTING experiments require to run. It is not possible any longer to navigate to the URL of PILOTING experiments to run them.

I’ve been preparing detailed help pages for the experiments, which I’ll upload on very soon.

Best wishes,



Thanks for the quick fix. No trouble at all. Glad you caught the issue.