Pavlovia trying to find resources that the experiment no longer uses

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

The experiment involves using several sound files. At first, I used wav files and was able to get the experiment to run in the builder. But then when I uploaded to Pavlovia and tried to pilot it, it gives me this error:

This file path is from an earlier version of the experiment. I have sinced changed the experiment and slightly rearranged where the sound files were stored. I am also using different names for the sound files. I adjusted the experiment accordingly and told it the new file path for finding the sound files. The experiment works fine in the builder, but when I upload it it is no longer able to locate the sound files. Somehow the experiment still thinks it needs to use the old file paths.

I looked through the code in JS and Python, searching for any mention of the sound file referenced in the error message and it doesn’t appear anywhere in the code. I have also tried using the Experiment Setting > Online tab to manually add all the resources but I get the same error message. I also tried with both wav and mp3, and both cause the same error message.

Does anyone know what might be causing the issue? How can I tell PsychoPy/Pavlovia where exactly to look for these sound files?


It looks as if your were loading your sound-files via Excel. It that correct? You might want to read through this

to determine the best way for accessing your sound files.


I am loading some sound files through Excel at one point in the study, but the sound file mentioned in the error message is not loaded through Excel. It is loaded through the Builder by specifying the file path. But Pavlovia does not seem to be using the file path that I specified in the Builder.

I think the error lies more with the fact that it is using the wrong file path (“PsychoPy Experiment/Sine Tones MP3/actPrac1_460.mp3”). This is no longer the file path that I want to use, but even though I have updated the file path in the Builder, Pavlovia is not using the right file path.

Hello wshel001

do you mind showing how you specify the file and its path?

Did you clear the browser cache? Your older version might be still in the browser cache.

Best wishes Jens

Thanks for your help Jens.

I cleared my browser cache but unfortunately that didn’t solve the problem.

I have re-uploaded the experiment with this URL: Pavlovia
The error message now says this:

I specify the path like this in the builder:

The full file path is:
users/campshelor/Desktop/Experiment Folder/MP3 Sine Tones/actPrac1_460.mp3

“Experiment Folder” also contains the html folder exported from the Builder. When I check the resources in the html folder, all the sound files are there. But for some reason Pavlovia is using the wrong path to find them. I don’t know why is is using the old path.


Which PsychoPy-version are you using. Storing resources in the html-folder has been deprecated some time ago. Look here

Best wishes Jens