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Image & sound path not recognized on Pavlovia

Hello everyone!
I am trying to use sound files (.wav) and images (.png) on Pavlovia webpage, but it gives me an error with a message that says “unknown resources”, although the file tracks indicate the correct file’s location.
The experiment works fine locally on my computer (MacBook), but not online on Pavlovia.

Could anyone please help me solve this problem?


This is because you are indicating (with a full, absolute file path) that the files exist at a specific location on your personal computer. When the experiment is uploaded to be run online, the location needs to be relative to the folder your experiment is in on the remote Pavlovia server. In this case, just book.wav should suffice (i.e. use a relative path, rather than an absolute one. Relative paths also work on your local computer, so the transition between one setting and the other should be seamless.

Thank you so much. That fixed it. I really appreciate it.

Hello, i have the same problem while I AM using relative paths. My pictures are in folders, because i have 2 different subsets, so it is not possible to just put all the pictures in the main project folder.

My path is (relative to my project folder): pictures\subset1\example_pic.jpg

This works fine when running locally, but online any picture can be found.

Could you (or anyone else) help me fix this please? Would really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Using slashes ( / ) instead of backslashes ( \ ) in the conditions file fixed the problem!

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