Pavlovia survey shows 'thanks for completing the survey' rather than moving to next routine

Hi there,

I’ve got an experiment which has two Pavlovia surveys in two routines side by side. I know there is a setting somewhere in the survey builder which essentially tells the survey to progress to the next routine i.e, progress to the next survey rather than exit after the first one. At the moment at the end of the first survey I get ‘thanks for completing the survey’ and the experiment ends prematurely.

If anyone could give me a steer towards which setting I need to change in the survey builder that would be hugely appreciated!

Are you sure it isn’t going to the next block? The error report I’ve previously submitted is just about the text.

no, I’ve just ran it again to be sure and it’s coming up with the ‘thanks for completing the survey’ and I can’t progress. I’m sure I’ve had this before and there was a setting in the actual survey builder which needed to be changed but looking at it I can’t suss out which it would be.

Everything else is working well so I think it’s a small adjustment!

Thanks for the help.

What does your survey flow look like?

So here I move from two HTML survey based routine which work well, then I progress to my first routine which is a pavlovia survey (ADHD_survey). The ADHD_survey shows as expected but it’s after this survey that I get the ‘thanks for completing the survey message’. The behaviour I need is for the experiment to progress to the OpenessQ routine, which is another pavlovia survey. Once all the survey routines are completed participants progress to a feedback routine which I know was working well prior to adding the pavlovia surveys in.