Bug when adding multiple surveys

I had used the Pavlovia survey feature almost two months ago with no issues; I had a Psychopy file with multiple routines, each being their own survey (see below):

Once uploaded to Pavlovia, it ran with no issue. You could easily move through each survey without a problem. Now, I cannot get to the second survey and so-on…the screen is blank and there’s no button to proceed:

Before, it said something like “Thank you for completing the survey”, however, I had removed this text as I would like the surveys to seamlessly flow into one another. I had not seen this when I ran these surveys initially, so I assumed some things have been updated since.

My alternative was to use the JSON file instead of the Survey ID but the download button for that has also vanished:

Any help would be wonderful as I would like to get my study online soon. Here is the link to test out the surveys: (SC_surveys [PsychoPy])