Pavlovia randomly switching to gz files instead of csv

Description of the problem:

Hello, i ran some subjects this morning on Prolific. I downloaded the data from Pavlovia. Everything worked great. I added more subjects to the study (no changes to the experiment) and now there are only gz files for the new subjects. Please advise. Thank you.

I believe you will find that you have switched to database from CSV.

I have not. I double checked this; refreshed page (to be sure), etc.

Please check that csv file (trial by trial) is ticked in Experiment settings / Data.

What version of PsychoPy are you using?

I am using v2022.1.1 .
Yes, ‘csv, trial by trial’ is ticked.

Strangely, all i did was add another 2 subjecst to the experiment, and the newer ones were .gz files.

I re-synced, clicked DATABASE and then back to CSV on the experiment page (Pavlovia), refreshed, double checked the links in Prolific and ran another subject. I will report back, once i get the results. Thanks.

Appears to be working. Thanks.

So, now that I have these gz files, is there a simple way of converting them to the same format as the other csv files? I looked around and information is sparse.

There’s a Python file for extracting data from log files (which the gz files will become if your decompress them using something like WinZip). However, this isn’t something I’m experienced with.

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11 more data files had the same issue; this time it was all within the same study, while ~50 other subject data saved as the csv files.