Data output suddenly stopped being saved as csv!

URL of experiment: task 1 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: My data has been getting saved as a csv and .gz but it suddenly stopped saving as csv even though I have not made any changes to the PsychoPy experiment or Pavlovia. My participants are recruited from Prolific and then do a Qualtrics questionnaire, are redirected to the Pavlovia study, redirected to another Qualtrics for feedback and back to Prolific. I can see that their ProlificID was carried through until they are back on Prolific.

I collected 77 responses without changing anything so I do not understand why Pavlovia has suddenly stopped saving the csv files. I am now at a loss for having to pay participants for data I do not have! Could someone please tell me if there is a way to get the csv files?

Please could you confirm that your experiment page still says CSV not Database on Pavlovia?

Yes, it still shows CSV.

The study was not changed on PsychoPy or Pavlovia. It just suddenly stopped saving the CSVs. I can see the .gz files for the participants that don’t have the CSVs so how do I get access to their CSVs?

At the moment your study has run out of credits. How many of the 87 completed participants do you have CSV files for?

Yes, I reassigned the credits to another identical study that is setup exactly the same way to see if the issue is with that study too, but it’s not. It’s correctly saving the data as CSV as this one did.
It saved the CSV files for the first 77 participants.

I note that you are saving incomplete data. It’s possible that a participant who starts but doesn’t do any trials might generate a log file but not a CSV.

Please could you send me a log file for a participant where you have a CSV and one where you don’t?

I turned that on after I noticed all the missing CSVs cause I read that if I had that on, I might have had some results saved in case they prematurely closed the experiment without moving onto the feedback letter. But I can see that they were redirected to the feedback letter from Pavlovia.
Here’s the two samples:
5a6d67dbe70ca900017adb9c_task_1_2022-11-04_21h30.22.170.csv (2.6 KB) (11.9 KB)

UPDATE: I decided to “waste” a credit and try it again just now since I really need to finish my data collection ASAP, and it saved the CSV file this time. Please note that I have not changed any settings.
So it looks like this was a bug that caused the CSV files to not be saved for my last 10 participants?

I can’t see anything particularly different about the log file where you didn’t get a csv file. I used Extract TAR.GZ File Online (No limits!) - ezyZip to open then. You might be able to recover the lost data from them.

log (11.8 KB)

Please could you add me (Wake) as a developer to your experiment so I can take a closer look?

The contents of the extracted files look pretty different from the CSVs. How do I read them into the CSV format?

I’ve added you as a Developer.

It looks like you (or someone with access to your account) switched the saving to database. I’ll send you a PM with an Excel file containing data from 8 participants who I think are the ones you are missing.