Downloaded results only in .gz format, no csv

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I’ve just run an experiment through Prolific as I’ve done several times before. I had set Pavlovia to “database” and switched off “save incomplete results”. When I downloaded the results, I get a csv “Database” file with data from only 2 participants (out of 20 that appear on Pavlovia as completed). I do see 20 .gz files, so I assume the data is there, but I’ve never had that before. How can I get the csv output from that?
Should I have switched on the option to save incomplete results?


If there are 20 log files and only two participants in the database file then your other 18 probably didn’t complete in some way. Yes, you probably should save incomplete results (or work out why Pavlovia is registering incomplete participants as completed). Do your participants complete manually or do you use a completed URL?

Hi @wakecarter thanks for the prompt reply
I find it quite unlikely that 18 out of 20 participants did not complete the study, it’s the first time I have this. They’re redirected with a URL at the end.
I think what might have happened is that the data is actually there in the ‘database’ csv, but it’s so messed up all over the different columns that I don’t see everything where it should be. Hopefully I can sort it out manually.
If the .gz are there, doesn’t that mean that the data is there somewhere?

Hi! I am facing the same problem and so much data has been lost. Have you found a solution?

Hi Jocelyn, I did find all the data in the big “Database” csv. I don’t know why it stopped saving individual .txt files for each participant, but the data is there in the end. I hope yours is too.

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If you switch from CSV to Database then you only get a .log.gz file for each participant and the data itself is added to the Database_Allparticipants csv file that you get when you press the download results button. However, existing data in csv files aren’t added to the Database, and new participants don’t get csv files.

I prefer the CSV files during the experiment creation (quicker to access) and then the Database file for actual data collection because it ensures that the columns for each participant are in the same order.

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I encounter the same problem, version 2022.1.2

  • csv trial by trial in checked.
  • And experiment on Pavlovia is on csv (not database).
  • Save partial results is on.

Though, when running the experiment from qualtrics to Pavlovia, participant Id is correctly save. However, I only have gz-files saved and no csv files.

Did you find any solution?