Editing csv file name

URL of experiment: Executive function under stress [PsychoPy]}&study_id={{%STUDY_ID%}}&session={{%SESSION_ID%}}

Description of the problem:
I created a pilot test on Prolific that sends a link to Pavlovia. everything ran smoothly. Yet the main issue i am facing is following the data of the participants - i want t o make sure that the participant indeed properly followed all the instructions before i approve his job in prolific.
but when i search the data these are the csv file name :
PARTICIPANT_Executive function under stress_2021-03-17_21h24.30.719.csv

is there a way i can change the setting so i see their prolific id in the file name?
i need to handle hundreds of participant and this will be crazy

thank you!

You need to send participant=… from Prolific instead of prolific_id=…

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thank you! it worked :slight_smile: