Pavlovia outage

URL of the experiment: ABECueExp1 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: It seems like the entire Pavlovia (including its dashboard) is now crashed. My experiments that were working all do not seem to work now. Attached is a screenshot of what I see when I try to access Pavlovia. Is anyone else experiencing this problem too? I would greatly appreciate any advice or pointers on this issue. Thanks a lot!


Same issue for me as well. Have not found any solutions or information.

I have the same issue starting 1 hr ago.

I have the same issue. I could not find contact information for Pavlovia, but contacted the admin at Open Science Tools Ltd. Open Science Tools Ltd. since I believe they oversee Pavlovia and PsychoPy? I will let you know if I get a reply!


Thank you, @katemdavis!!

Same problem. Seems to be something with Pavlovia’s server

I e-mailed the admin and others trying to work out what we can do. I will let you know if I hear back.

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Same problem here, was about to run an experiment and the website was imposible to access

Same issue!

I have the same problem and i think it has something to with the program of pavlovia, this is showing up when i want to run my experiment.

I’m also having the same issue!

I was just about to post this issue… I think the issue is across the board!

I’ve heard nothing – I tweeted at PsychoPy this morning and emailed their sales team (the only address I found on their website). Does anyone have the sense that people at PsychoPy/ even know this is happening? (do they have paid people??)

I think the issue may be difference in time, but I e-mailed different people early this morning and still haven’t heard a response.

The same problem still persists. I couldn’t do any my experiment today because of this issue.
I think there is no solution without waiting answer of psychopy’s administrator.

Same issue here!


check your experiment again. my experiment is running now!

I am also encountering a problem of not receiving any new data from my experiment.

Good morning,

We regrettably experienced an issue with our database management system last night as we suddenly got flooded with requests.
The system came back up an hour ago and I have been monitoring it closely since.
I am very sorry for the temporary interruption of services. We are now running smoothly again, and I am investigating what prompted the issue in the first place so we can mitigate it in the future.
Best wishes,


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Seems to be working fine now!