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Pavlovia not updating resources

Hi everyone,
i need some help concerning the online-version of an experiment.
I succesfully created an experiment in an HTML version, now stored in a gitlab repository.
The resources for this project (sounds and image files) are in the html/resources directory.
The experiment runs smoothly: so far so good.
Now, i wanted to switch stimulus sets, and manually reuploaded image files with identical names, replacing the old images in the resources folder.
However, when i run the experiment in the browser again, still the old image files are shown, and not the new ones. Is the update simply still taking time to take action or am i missing something?
Thanks in advance and all the best,

Hi @schmeli, you may need to refresh the browser cache so the new images are available to your browser. Try the suggestions in this post:

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Hi @dvbridges,
great stuff, i didn’t have the cache on my mind… but it did the trick. Thanks a lot! :raised_hands:t4: