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Pavlovia not loading up the most recent experiment version

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: This is a weird one. I believe I accidentally pushed a commit without a message. I know this has caused issues in the past. However, I was able to solve those issues by manually pushing further updates using command prompt.

This time, I have successfully pushed new commits to Gitlab. However, Pavlovia is not running the newest version. It is running the experiment as it was prior to the “message-less commit”. The most obvious example is that I have remove ‘participant’ as a field. Here is the opening dialogue box:

Here is the code in gitlab:

// store info about the experiment session:
let expName = ‘online auditory typing task’; // from the Builder filename that created this script
let expInfo = {‘Native Language’: ‘’, ‘Age’: ‘’};

When I inspect the source of the code I get this:

You can clearly see that the code being loaded is different. It contains participant as a expInfo field. Scrolling down it doesn’t contain any of the new code elements present in the current Gitlab version of the experiment.

I’m scheduled to begin running the experiment tomorrow. Any ideas how to fix this?

Hi @unagi_pie, sometimes you need to force your browser to refresh the cache (bypass the cache). If using windows, hit CRTL + F5, and try again.

The key combo might depend on your application. On mac chrome this is Cmd-Shift-R.
But certainly the URL you link to doesn’t contain a participant field when I visit.

Thanks for taking a look at it. This worked.

I’m having a similar issue with

I’m trying to work out whether I can use visual.Circle or visual.Polygon and at the moment I have the visual.Circle routine in the flow but when I test using Pavlovia piloting or via the runner I get a keyboard press in the data file which comes from the visual.Polygon routine. An additional routine I just added to check my sin=Math.sin function isn’t appearing at all. The latest version does seem to be in Github.



The issue still persists. Pavlovia won’t load the most recent version, even after trying out all the bypass cache hotkeys.

Manually deleting the cache, or disabling cache ( did seem to work, though.

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