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Pavlovia not displaying Psychopy experiment text

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
We’ve made a word association experiment in psychopy builder. It runs just fine directly in psychopy, but after pushing to Pavlovia we get a blank page with no error message. When pressing run, the dialogue box with gender/age etc turns up, but after that it’s just a black page. The first thing that should turn up should be a simple text component with instructions.

Any idea how to solve this issue?

I think you have an image file missing its ending ( .png )
PsychoPy is a bit more forgiving when you make this mistake and spots that there is a file called “image.png” when you asked for “image”. You should have received a warning about it when running locally. Javascript is not so forgiving and so you see an error

I tried adding a .png to the one picture file there is. But I still just get a black screen immediately after entering the participant info and pressing continue. No error message at all

After further investigation it seems like the issue might be a few custom code snippets in the builder environment. I’m not quite sure how to translate those to JavaScript code the easiest way.