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Translating PsychoPy code snippet to Javascript

I am unable to run a psychopy experiment in Pavlovia. After the initial participant info dialogue box it returns a blank black screen with no error code. I suspect the issue is my little code snippet.

I have one piece of self-written code in the builder environment which is there to allow participants to enter words themselves. However, as you can see the first two pictures are missing a JS translation and I’m not sure that the translation in the last picture is correct. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

repository: Sign in · GitLab

I used the code that’s in this text input demo experiment.
Download and load up the inputText.psyexp experiment in Builder and you can copy and paste the JS code from it. :slight_smile:

Hi CAMait.

This was the solution to my issue. My experiment is now successfully up and running on Pavlovia. Thank you so much!

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