Pavlovia multiple images synk error

Description of the problem:

There is a difficulty syncing multiple images in Pavlovia.

I would like to conduct an experiment using about 1500 images.

I created a folder to upload an image, put an image, and created an image excel file.

Also, I wrote ‘$face’ in the ‘image’ of the image property window in builder.

Also, I connected the excel file through Loop.

As a result, the experiment works normally in the builder.

But if you run it in pavlovia,
‘when setting the image of ImageStim: image
when getting the value of resource: FEMALE/F (1)
unknown resource’
The error message appears.

I think that in order to solve this problem, I have to make a Routine of 1500 pages in the builder.

But if we make all 1500 copies, it’ll take a long time.

Is there any way to sync 1500 images much easier?

Hello EunHei,

do you mind sharing a toy example of your experiment. It looks like a syntax error. PsychoPy is much “better” in finding stimulus files than PsychoJS.

Best wishes Jens