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Pavlovia - last trials reading excel randomly

Description of the problem:
In my experiment, I randomly present one of the 6 images (e.g., image3) in the encoding phase.
Then I present six of them together (image1, image2 … etc.), in a randomized location in the retrieval phase.
Both phases rely on the same excel columns. Object in the encoding and retrieval is the same. The object is changing only when the trial changes.

Though, at the end of the experiment, participants reported that encoding and retrieval objects are different. E.g, they are presented with an image of a Door but asked for an image of 6 cars in retrieval.
I have 100 trials and 100 rows in excel. The problem only occurs at the end of the study, despite there being an almost identical block in the beginning it does not give such error.
What can be the reason for this?

Your help is appreciated.

The error message after 50/100 trials:

Hi There,

The screenshot shows warning messages but no error messages that I believe correspond to the behaviour you describe. (The favicon error would not influence your task).

Since this sounds like a difference in expected experiment behaviour, rather than giving rise to a specific error message I am afraid it is a bit tricky to debug (without a specific error message). It sounds like a possible error either in the spreadsheet or the code component.

Sorry I can’t give a more specific answer without in depth understanding of your study!

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