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Pavlovia is unable to create a pilot URL for experiments; Merging experiments

URL of experiment one:
URL of experiment two: “---------------------------------------”/fracmagbvundnl
Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post more then one link

Description of the problem:

Hi there,
I’ve been given the task to upload two experiments created with PsychoPy to After uploading I’ve had trouble generating a piloting URL for either of the experiments.

Error Message: “Unable to prepare the pilot URL for this experiment. If the error persists, contact Pavlovia’s administrator.”

After reading the documentation my guess would be that the XMLS files used in both of the experiments are causing the problem. Therefore I will try to replace them with CSV Files today. Is there anything else that could cause my problem? I remember overhearing that
the experiments have been created with psychopy2. However running the experiments locally with psychopy3 works just fine.

My next task will be to merge both experiments into one experiment. By merging I mean appending one to the other. Is there a convenient way of doing this? I’d rather not build the experiment from scratch. I do have coding experience with python, but use PsychoPy for the first time, so any hint will be greatly apreciated!

Thanks a lot!

Hi @MarcoE, regarding the Piloting error, you need to go to your dashboard on Pavlovia, and set the status of the study to “Piloting” or “Running”. If you set to PILOT, you will have to run your task from Pavlovia, because a unique code is attached to the URL which has a valid lifetime of 1 hour. After this, you will have to regenerate the URL from Pavlovia. If you set the status to “RUNNING”, you will have to use credits to run your study, or your institutions site licence, but you can run your study from Builder this way - but note the cost in credits.

When you say merging, do you mean you need to run the experiments consecutively?


Ah, so you would like to run two experiments consecutively from Pavlovia? If so, you can redirect your first study towards the URL of your second study - see docs

Hi @dvbridges, thanks for the fast answer. I may have not elaborated enough. I’ve set both my experiments to PILOT via the DASHBOARD. As far as I understand the URL has to be generated by clicking the “Pilot” Button in the experiments overview. When I try this I’ll get the Error. I’ll attach a screenshot, hope it’ll help.

Almost! My superior would prefer to combine both experiments into one. Especially considering that you’d pay twice as much tokens when redirecting from one experiment to the other? The idea is to run the first experiment then have a blank screen and on click countinue with the next experiment. In my understandig you’d have to create an experiment from scratch and implement both individuall experiments after the other. I guess ultimately that would be the proper way to achiev my goal espacially in regards to variable naming consitency. But I’m more then willing to take any advice that might help me creating one experiment from the two I have.

I see, yes in that case, since there is no merge tool for this sort of thing, your only option is to rebuild your study in Builder, adding one onto the other, where perhaps one loop contains your first study, and a second loop contains your second study. Then, you can sync your task to Pavlovia and it should run fine, once we figure out why you are receiving the above error.

Hello @MarcoE,

The issue you report may have to do with the computer you used not being able to get a response from the website we use to get the designer’s IP address (the IP goes into the preparation of the pilot token).
Could I ask you to go to the following URL, from the same computer, and let me know what the answer is?


Hello @apitiot,

it shows my IP Adress in a dict() with key=“ip” followed by my adress. Is there supposed to be something else?


Thank you Marco. Can I check with you whether you still cannot pilot?

Hi @apitiot,
unfortunately the error persists.

That is rather mysterious. I did add myself as a collaborator on your experiment and I have been able to pilot it on a variety of systems/configurations, on a variety of internet connections.
But no matter. I just pushed a modification, which, I dare hope, should sort out your difficulty. Would you mind giving it another try?


Hi @apitiot,
I’m now able to pilot FracMagBVundNL which is great! Thanks a lot! I do however still have trouble piloting ArbeitsgedächtnisFracMag. Since FracMagBVundNL seems to work fine with xlsx, I’ll try revert ArbeitsgedächtnisFracMag to a commit with xlsx.