Pavlovia for teaching a lab class / tutorial?

I am looking at the Pavlovia Explore page,
wondering whether any of the online experiments could be suitable for teaching a lab class. But I don’t see any way I can know whether any particular experiment will still be up when it comes time to teach the class. Are there any experiments, perhaps created by the Pavlovia creators, that I can be reasonable confident will still be up 6 months or a year from now?
(also it would be nice if there were any that provided the participant with their raw or summarised data, but that’s a bigger ask).

Hi Alex, you should be able to fork any public experiment to your own account, where you can modify it as required, and have access to the data your students generate.

Thanks Michael, and sorry for my ignorance about everything Pavlovia -
and to get the data, I’d have to pay £0.20 per participant, correct? Just checking I understand.

Either that, or a site licence, which would provide unlimited usage to anyone with a university email address (ie it would cover both teaching and actual experiments, by both staff and students).

For teaching purposes if you don’t need full data then you could avoid the fee by having the final routine set to never end, perhaps displaying some summary data.