Experiments from Gitlab group not visible in Pavlovia

I have set up a group on Pavlovia for our team to share experiments.

All uploaded experiments are created in the group namespace (for some reason, experiments in namespace of a personal account, even after transfer to the group account in gitlab, are not visible to other members of the group).

After creating 5 experiments this way, we added a new member to the gitlab group. She can see all the experiments there, but there are no experiments visible in the Pavlovia dashboard. Existing members with exactly the same user privileges see them with no issues.
I tried to delete one experiment and reupload it. Surely enough, the new member now sees this one experiment, however, for some reason older members do not (and only see other four experiments).

Is there something I can do to force Pavlovia to update the list of available experiments? It seems that on the gitlab side everything is ok.