Pavlovia - EMS data saving issue

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I have a series of 4 tasks running online as separate experiments on Pavlovia. The above URL contains the starting wrapper that assigns participants to a counterbalancing condition based on their ID number (which is pulled from the EMS system).

There are 2 separate intermittent problems:

  • SOMETIMES when one of the tasks is running, in the middle of the task it restarts (i.e. the ‘all resources downloaded’ box appears again), forcing the subject to do the task again
  • I have an issue where ca 50% of participants’ data is not saved – there are no valid datafiles, or there is a datafile for the first task, and then nothing for the subsequent tasks, not even log files, even though participants report having completed the entire series. In these cases, the hangover to EMS at the end of the experiment also does not work (i.e. they are not granted credit)