Pavlovia Data Output has misaligned rows

URL of experiment: CategorisationTask [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
This is a word categorisation experiment (same structure as a lexical decision experiment).
Crucially, there is a break every 5 trials, and I’ve done this as follows:

…where the No. Loops of the trials_2 loop is controlled with the following code:

if CurrentTrial in [5,10,20,30,40,50,60]:

The experiment works great in both Psychopy and Pavlovia. The Psychopy output is perfect, but HERE’S THE PROBLEM: in pavlovia output, the rows are misaligned (see discontinuous yellow line). For example, the 5th trial word (CHIP) is recorded on the 6th row, but its reaction times and response button (columns C to E) are recorded on the 5th row. I think this is a bug related to the fact the trials_2 loop is used directly after this trial (note column V provides data regarding that loop, i.e., ‘space’ was pressed). Any solutions?

Hey Ryan,

Is it possible to share the a datafile with me so I can take a look?

Best, Thomas

Thanks Thomas, yes I can provide any details you need. Attached is the .csv of one participant (note that the problem occurs whenever a word is followed by the break screen described above (so after 5th word, 10th word, then every 10th word from then)
PARTICIPANT_CategorisationTask_2020-10-16_22h24.00.742.csv (14.1 KB)

I can share anything else too - just let me know what is required.

Thanks! I verified your problem (wanted to be sure it wasn’t a problem with importing the CSV). About how to fix it… I’m not sure to be honest, but I got in touch with a fellow team member to ask for some pointers. Update forthcoming!

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