Pavlovia column order

When I extract data using the database format, the order of the trials are not aligned with the presentation, they are all messed up. When I download it as separate .csv files, it is all aligned. I will have many participants and do not want to merge them after. I’m using the Moryscarter link, if it makes a difference. Thanks!


Do you mean that your column order in the database format is not how you would like it?

I wonder if this is because the order is based on the first participant you ran, and you may have made many edits since then – or that participant may not have given data for all conditions, especially if you enabled partial saving.

Personally I don’t worry about column order, because I process the data based on the column names. However, if you created a new repository (using a copy of you psyexp and resources files) then the database order might be closer to your csv order.

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