Data saves in a different format/structure when experiment runs on my own computer vs. another computer

Description of the problem: So I have a Pavlovia experiment that I made in PsychoPy Builder. When I run the experiment on my own computer (by pressing the “Run” button or clicking the link), the data in the csv file saves in an organized structure. However, when I send the link to somebody else to run it on a different computer, the data in the csv is not structured the same. Why is this happening? I have attached example pictures below

Data output when running on own computer

Data output when running on other computer

As you can see, the csv file becomes very disorganized and difficult to follow in the second example.

Hello Ksab22

I am not sure yet that the files are in different order. It looks as if the columns are not properly recognized in the latter case. Try opening the csv in an editor, not a spreadsheet, and compare the column order and alignment there.

Best wishes Jens

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Thank you so much for your response! That was the issue.