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Why pavlovia experiments cannot load .xlsx files?

URL of experiment: untitled [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I have uploaded a builder experiment on pavlovia, which contains loops and randomization. In the local version, I inserted an excel to contaion the condition parameters. However, when I run the experiment online, there occurs an error saying “unknown resourses” and I don’t know why…Hope someone can help me! Please!

hey, the problem is now solved

Hey! If you are able to post how you solved it that would be great so that future users can see your solution if they run into this too! :blush:

Alright! Actually it’s not a big problem, in the subject information page, just wait until the page says " all resources loaded", then enter the experiment. Such a silly problem

No problems are silly! Pleased you figured out a simple solution!

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