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Parallel port input device

Hi there,

I have an experiment that needs to both send event markers out over one parallel port, and receive response keys from a separate parallel port input device. The event marking has been easy, but we are having a hard time figuring out how to record responses via a response glove connected to a parallel port inside an MRI room.

Specifically, we are working in the builder environment, and the keys (1,2,3) are acceptable responses for our response event. In my understanding, the responses from the glove should come in on pins 1, 2, and 3 as well. Instead, psychopy reads these responses fine coming from the USB keyboard in the control room, but does not receive the inputs from the parallel port in the scanner room.

Does anyone have experience using a parallel port input device for recording response events within PsychoPy’s Builder view?

Any advice much appreciated!

If you want to receive TTL inputs as keyboard events, then you will need to use a device that can convert the TTL input event into a standard keyboard event that the experiment can accept. A PC parallel port will not do this; instead you would need to use something like a USB2TTL8 device. Using the USB2TTL8 in Read mode, you could have a TTL input value of 1 map to keyboard key ‘1’, TTL input value 2 map to key ‘2’, etc.