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Button box and parallel ports


I am using PsychoPy v1.85.3.

For my experiment, I am going to have a button box (4 presses), connected via a parallel port, through which I will collect responses.

First of all, I have this code (Begin Experiment code component) copied from somewhere else, where I guess I only have to change the port value.

import parallel
from psychopy import core, data, visual

p_port = parallel.Parallel(port = 0)
p_port.PPDATADIR(0) # The 'out' parameter indicates the desired port direction.  If
        #'out' is true or non-zero, the drivers are turned on (forward
        #direction, for writing); otherwise, the drivers are turned off (reverse
        #direction, so that the peripheral drives the signal).

However, after that, what should I do to collect the responses from the 4 buttons and assign to each of them a value in the Keyboard component? This value would be stored also in the excel file where I define the correct responses, right?

Sorry if the question is vague, but this is the first time I am doing this.