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Parallel port event triggers on Windows 10

Hi, I’m posting a request for advice/help on an issue that 2 of us have been troubleshooting with no luck. We’re using PsychoPy for our latest lab experiments and have 2 windows 10 machines we can’t quite get talking in PsychoPy. Here’s what’s happening:

  • We’re running a psychology experiment with two windows machines connected by a parallel port cable and some biometric recording hardware (BioLab I believe).
  • We’ve used an old program (Inquisit) and old code written within Inquisit to prove the connection can work and seen a signal coming through from one computer to the other through the parallel port
  • For our new experiment everything is written in Python/PsychoPy. We can’t seem to get python to get that same signal that we saw in Inquisit.
  • We’ve tried the built in parallel port builder UI, tinkering with the code there, installing the InpOut32 and 62 ddl drivers, putting them in the same folder as the program we’re running (this seemed to help), running the code with the DLPortIO in the folder with the program, running this LPT port utility test program and more.

Any suggestions on how to best proceed in troubleshooting this issue? Thanks!