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Parallel Port Builder View

Hi all,

I’m having some issues with the parallel port option in builder view. I’m running Linux Mint, and while I can get PsychoPy to send triggers if there is one p_port added, if subsequent p_ports are added in the builder view I run into an error message:

‘Attribute error : "Parallel instance has no attribute’

I was wondering if anyone knew how to get subsequent triggers working in the experiment as I would like EEG triggers at multiple times throughout the routine. It’s as if the port is not ‘closing’ and allowing subsequent access.



Is there more to that error message?

I had some error using the Parallel Port at the beginning. I can’t remember if I have your same messages. I never made it work in builder view, only in code. And I was working with Windows, so I guess it will be different. But, checking on the screen you have and my code, I think you haven’t specified the actual address of the ports your are using. I also installed a proper controller for the parallel port.

Check on my code to see if this work for you. I used it to read the trigger and activate the task sequence.

    # parallel port trigger activation
    from psychopy import parallel
    port = parallel.ParallelPort(address=0x0378)
    port.setPin(2, 1)
    while parallel.ParallelPort(address=0x0378).readPin(15) == 0:
    if parallel.ParallelPort(address=0x0378).readPin(15) == 1: