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Sending triggers to parallel

OS W7 32bit University Networked
PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.85.1):
Standard Standalone? Y
What are you trying to achieve?: Send triggers to parallel port


Completely at dark here so any help would be much appreciated. I believe I have read all the relevant posts out there including here, here, here and here.

I am trying to send triggers through the parallel port to a Biosemi recorder.
I have built a minimal example using builder: just a parallel port that runs 3 times with an isi between repeats. The programme runs without errors but it does not send triggers, either when run using builder or coder

Using print statements in the code component I found that all triggers are set to high from the beginning. So I thought to set all pins to low parallel.setData(0) and then print pin 2 print port.readPin(2) and it shows that it’s still high i.e.1.

I then set pin 2 explicitly to low by port.setPin(2, 0) and again the read out of pin 2 was that it was high.

My Question: What am I doing so blatantly wrong that I cannot send triggers using this minimal example?

Additional Info:

  1. ParallelOutput demo runs without errors but it does not send triggers.
  2. I have full rights for read, write and execute for C:\Windows\System32\drivers\parport.sys as I was reading in another post.
  3. There is no hardware damage - I can send triggers successfully using alternative software i.e. E-Prime.
  4. inpout32.dll is included in the working dir
  5. I have used different port addresses

Below I enclose a screenshot of the builder but I also attach it as a file. The custom code component is to force psychopy to use the driver.

Thanks for any help.

untitled.psyexp (5.0 KB)

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Hi, have you gotten this to work since you posted this? If so, what did you change?

Hi @heidamaria,

I am afraid I had to give up. The researcher used E-Prime instead.