Page not appearing in preview

The first page to appear in my survey once consent has been obtained will not show up on my preview. The survey jumps directly to a randomisation question I have.

I have tried deleting the questions and re-adding them. I have tried making the page invisible and making it visible again. I have copied the survey and tried to see if the page appears on the copied version of the survey. I have deleted the logic of only showing the page if consent has been agreed to, and then reinstated the same logic. Between each attempt and deleting and re-entering the information I have saved the survey and refreshed the page.

None of these attempts have worked. Are there any suggestions on what I can do to make the page appear in my preview?

Thank you

Please could you give me (Wake) read access so I can make a copy and take a look?

Hi Wake,

I have given you write access to a copy of my survey now

Here is what I have discovered.

Your expression Visible if {consent_agree} = true and {consent_understood} = true is correct.

When you consent then you skip the demographics but can click the Previous button to go back to it. If you don’t consent, then you skip the demographics and the Previous button is not present.

It appears that the consent questions don’t get evaluated until after the questionnaire has started. Since you have set your first page as a start page then the questionnaire doesn’t officially start until after the first actual page has loaded, which skips the demographics.

If I remove the “first page as start page” then the behaviour is as intended, but this loses the benefits of having a start page.

What I’ve done as a compromise on the survey you shared with me is move the second consent question to a second page, so the start page has the participant information and the first consent question (this first question can appear on either page).

Hopefully this will help you create a suitable survey. Since new pages can only be added at the end, please note you can change the order by going to “pages” on the overall survey settings.

Hi Wakefield,

That is great, thank you very much for your help!